Photo by: Bri & Wes Photography

Photo by: Bri & Wes Photography

Sarah, Owner

I’m Sarah and the founder of Tails and Tulle! I recently married the man of my dreams. We were lucky enough to also have our furry best friend by our sides on the big day…but it wasn’t easy! We had multiple people fall through leading up to the months before the wedding and no dedicated person to help with getting our pup to look happy or focused in our photos. We were so worried about leaving our dog with someone that we not only had never met but neither had she. It all worked out in the end but the process was so stressful that we almost skipped having her there completely.

Throughout our wedding planning process, we realized many couples didn’t have their furry friend at their wedding solely because of logistics. Everyone should have their furbaby at their wedding and that’s where I come in!

dog happy transport car

Gracie, aka. Boss Lady

We all know who’s really in charge at home - the dog!

Likes: Cheese, belly-rubs, new friends

Dislikes: Bath time, vacuum cleaner

I’m 26 pounds of cuddles and sweetness. My mom and dad rescued me from a local shelter after I was hit by a car when I was just a little pup. I’m now super spoiled and assist my humans with all the big decisions.